Gender, the left, and the future of progressive governance

I spent the morning going through presidential data from 1976-2012 available at Cornell’s Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.  We’ve had 10 elections, inclusive of Carter beating Ford in 1976 and Obama besting Romney in 2012.  I created an excel summary of which voter categories show majority support for which Party. With all the post-election alarmism about… Continue reading Gender, the left, and the future of progressive governance

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Week 2: Election Bibliography

In the interest of faster cataloging, here is a new list, as we enter the first full week of our new Trump-End-Times-Abnormal. Whites/Race Wilkinson, 2016, “…the online radicalisation of young, white men,” The Guardian. “Prior to the election, members of the alt-right online community often warned each other to keep their Trump support secret to… Continue reading Week 2: Election Bibliography


Whose story matters?

I am grieving over the 2016 Presidential election outcome.  I’ve spent the past two days processing my feelings mostly online among a supportive Facebook community, occasionally fighting with random strangers over this line of explanation or that, or their defensiveness about what a vote for Trump really means.  I’ve exhausted myself essentially shouting That’s Racist!… Continue reading Whose story matters?


In 2008, I was as angry as you are now

Originally published on Medium, July 2016, during the Democratic National Convention: “In our two-party system, I see my vote for the Democratic nominee as the best next step now — in this election — for continuing to move forward for racial and economic progress. Politics is not just about voting — it is about movements like #blacklivesmatter, it is about policy… Continue reading In 2008, I was as angry as you are now