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Week 2: Election Bibliography

In the interest of faster cataloging, here is a new list, as we enter the first full week of our new Trump-End-Times-Abnormal.


Wilkinson, 2016, “…the online radicalisation of young, white men,” The Guardian.

“Prior to the election, members of the alt-right online community often warned each other to keep their Trump support secret to avoid being “stigmatised” by more liberal peers. Now they’re celebrating openly. They’re gleeful about some of the harshest policies Trump promised: mass deportations, defunding Planned Parenthood, the wall. They feel like they have scored a victory against feminism and multiculturalism. They’re glad that white men are, once again, in control. They were filled with fury at the thought they had been toppled from their rightful place at the top of the social hierarchy; this is vindication. The old order has been defeated, this is their world now.”

It’s rich whites who voted for Trump (and the GOP, perennially), Lawyers guns & money

(This is part of the new math sweeping the nation, exit poll calculus.)

White Christians went from majority to minority status in the US during the Obama years, leading to their (hopefully last), rageful roar on Election Day. (Jones, 11/10/16, NYT)

Media & Info Literacy

Serwer, “The U.S. media is completely unprepared to cover a Trump presidency,” The Atlantic.

Zeynep Tufceki, one of my new favorite public intellectuals, on FB’s culpability for our “info diet” of fake and biased news, especially on the right, where it is most profitable.  (NYT, 11/15/16)


Cape heart, 2016, “Why millions fear the looming Trump presidency,” WaPo.

Chait, 2016, “Citizens, United,” NYMag.

About how the “loyal opposition” should move forward. Chait is one of these liberal men who tends to ignore or brush off gender and race in his political analyses, but this is a good piece on what’s next.  The likelihood of Obama taking the lead though seems exceptionally far-fetched.

On the decline of civics education in US public schools. (Burgess, Oct. 2016, The Hill)


Draut, 2016, Sleeping giant: How the new working class will transform America. (Amzn)

Bookmarked for future reading:

Marvit, 11/14/16, “Roberts rules for protecting corporations,” The American Prospect.

Coates, 2011, “The Great Schism,” The Atlantic. (About the split b/w suffragists and abolitionists)

Aftermath: Sixteen writers on Trump’s America,” The New Yorker.

Eichenwald, 2016, “The myths democrats swallowed that cost them the election,” Newsweek.

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