2016 election bibliography

A very non-random bibliography of popular press on the 2016 election, culled from my social networks as filtered through my FB feed.  This is a work in progress, and I would love additions in the comments, especially good summaries about Pence, how the new Congress is the same as the old Congress, and summary predictions of what to expect from a Trump administration. (Saw “Black Swan” from Politico Magazine; will add)

Read this first:

Oluo, “We have to create a culture that won’t vote for Trump,” The Establishment.

Then use this as your guide:

Southern Poverty Law Center, Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

And read on for more insights and more ways to engage in resisting the Trump Administration and our new, cruel abnormal.

Electoral politics

Epps, 11/9/16, “Donald Trump has broken the Constitution,” The Atlantic.

Joyce, 11/10/16, “The secret, racist history of the Electoral College,” Fusion. (Short piece, worth educating yourself on this problematic structure, which we need to abolish.)

Meyerson, 11/13/16, “California vs. President Trump,” LA Times.

Electoral Data

Pew Research, 11/10,16, “A divided and pessimistic electorate” (Link to full report on webpage)

In sum: Voters thought Clinton would do more harm in DC re: secrecy, transparency, trust, graft. It’s impossible to sort out anti-HRC sentiment vs. misogyny towards ambitious women generally, but neither candidate was viewed as restoring any kind of integrity to DC. Trump voters much more willing to take policy risks (high risk, high reward voters). Views of country’s problems really far apart:

Majority of Trump voters: illegal immigration, terrorism, WC jobs, drugs, jobs for everyone, crime.

Majority of Clinton voters: gun violence, inequality, climate change, college costs, drugs, racism.

Singer, 11/10/16, “Democrats won popular vote in Senate, too,” USA Today.

Lopez at Vox on low voter turnout (counts still on-going)

Gender, sexism and misogyny

We are witnessing the politics of humiliation,” US women authors on Clinton’s defeat, The Guardian

“The role misogyny played in this election should not be underestimated. Hillary Clinton lived squarely in the world of realpolitik. Those who voted for Trump are living in a state of vicarious narcissism. The man’s grandiosity, his sense of entitlement with impunity, his open cruelty toward women, minorities and disabled people were adopted by identification. Policy did not matter. Reality did not matter. He made humiliated, emasculated white men (and the women who identify with them) feel better about themselves. Now all of us will pay for a collective fantasy that belonged to only half of us.”

Foran, 11/9/16, “Trump’s victory sends a disturbing message about sexual assault,” The Atlantic.

I’ll add: There’s also a more material reality that some law enforcement under this Administration will be dismissive and/or victim-blaming, adding to women’s pain and reducing their likelihood of reporting, and rape kits will continue to be shelved without review. I cannot overstate the danger we all face with the loss of the current DOJ and the efforts of criminal justice reformers to improve policing, police-community relations, and racial equity in the CJ system.

West, “Her loss,” NYT.

“We have been weathering this hurricane wall of doubt and violence for so long, and now, more crystalline than ever, we have an enemy and a mandate. We have the smirking apotheosis of our oppression sliming, paw-first, toward our genitals. We have the popular vote. We have proof, in exit polls, that white women will pawn their humanity for the safety of white supremacy.”

Bennett, 11/10/16, “Girls can be anything, just not president,” NYT.

Traister, 11/12/16, “Shattered,” NY Mag.

Crushing and sad and right on.

Cain Miller, 11/10/16, “Women actually do govern differently,” NYT.

Grattan, 11/12/14, “The decent white woman who voted for Trump,” Medium.

Tough read, but important, and good resources at the end.

Butler-Sweet, 11/14/16, “The pantsuit predicament,” USNews.

This makes an important point about class gaps among the mainstream feminist movement and working-class women, but it slips into confusing white working-class women with all working-class women.  It is whiteness that led these women to vote for Trump, not their economic status, as their WOC peers voted for HRC.

Race and ethnicity, racism, xenophobia

Young, 11/11/16 “I’m tired of good white people,” GQ. (Damon Young is the EIC of the excellent Very Smart Brothas website.)

“But these “well-meaning” white people—the ones who voted for Hillary but were able to sleep last night—are. And they haven’t done enough. Because it just doesn’t matter enough for them to do enough.”

I feel this way about myself; I was too complacent leading up to the election.

Henderson, 11/10/16, “Vote for Trump was a consent, purposeful or not, to bigotryDetroit Free Press.

Painter, 11/12/16, “What whiteness means in the Trump era,” NYT.

Whiteness as a racial identity used to fight for resources, no longer the cultural default, no longer individualistic.  Very good read.

Holloway, 11/12/16, “Stop asking me to empathize with the white working class,” Raw Story (originally published on Alternet?).

Jain, 2016, “The ‘white working class’ can kiss my brown ass,” Bust.

Class and geography (incl. the WWC; can also be filed under race/racism)

Interview with Professor Kathy Cramer, about her book The Politics of Resentment, that gets at the intersection of racism/xenophobia with economic hardship among rural whites in Wisconsin.

Thornton, 11/10/16, “I’m a coastal elite from the midwest,” Roll Call.  A professional with his “feet in two worlds” argues the midwest is “the bubble.”

Williams, 11/10/16, “What so many people don’t get about the US working class,” Harvard Business Review.

I think this has some important insights into masculinity and gender, but the author trips up in defining class (i.e., WC is MC but the rural WC is increasingly unemployed or disabled, arguably redefining it as poor, which it aggressively says it is not, since it needs an “other” to resent). A call for the WC Democratic support of the mid 20th century fails to mention the decline of unions at all – a huge oversight. It makes a defense of policing as a middle-class job not requiring a college degree when many reformers think police forces are improved with greater education for officers. The masculinity stuff is important, and as my colleague Lily Song points out, the class resentment against professionals is interesting, but not new information.

Zarroli, 11/11/16, “Trump won their vote. Now they want him to meet expectations,” All Things Considered, NPR.

I think we are spending a lot of time on how Obama voters broke for Trump as opposed to the perceptions of Trump as an inspiring business man v. Romney as a harmful one. Romney was the type of guy who bought Bethelem Steel and sold it off for parts and Trump is the deal maker who brings in the casino and makes things happen.

Resistance & organizing

HamNo!, 11/14/16, “The grim future of labor under Trump,” Deadspin.

Rosenberg et al., 11/12/16, On anti-Trump protesting and next steps, NYT.

What a Witch, “So you want to wear a safety pin.”

“But don’t do it without a plan.” (And she offers a plan.)

Bystander guide for intervening, based on anti-Muslim harassment in the UK.

Downie, 2016, “Give Trump a chance? Give me a break!WaPo.

West, 11/13/16, “Blaming political correctness…,” The Guardian.

“There is no such thing as a non-confrontational social movement. A non-confrontational movement is acquiescence. A non-confrontational movement is not a movement at all. It is stillness. It is the status quo.”

Home page for Million Woman March in DC after the inauguration.


Tauber, 11/11/16, “Post election college paper grading rubric,” McSweeney’s Internet Tendencies.  Priceless!!

Recommended books (i.e., those that keep coming up in post-election debates)

Hillbilly Elegy (Amzn)

The Politics of Resentment (Amzn)

Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams (for those of us who feel we are “class migrants”) (Amzn)

What does it mean to be white? Developing white racial literacy (Amzn)

NYT list of 6 books to explain the election; includes White Trash, which NYCWeboy recommends as well.

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