In 2008, I was as angry as you are now

Originally published on Medium, July 2016, during the Democratic National Convention:

“In our two-party system, I see my vote for the Democratic nominee as the best next step now — in this election — for continuing to move forward for racial and economic progress. Politics is not just about voting — it is about movements like #blacklivesmatter, it is about policy advocacy for better legislation (like repealing the mortgage deduction and re-appropriating that money for affordable rental housing), it is about organizing and collective bargaining, it is framing and agenda setting and building coalitions and alliances. So voting for the President in a two-party system like ours is actually one of the more minor individual acts we can make, but collectively is hugely important. A free rider problem. For me, voting for an exemplary woman, voting for the Democratic candidate, are small acts on behalf of progress in a much larger system of much more impactful political activism of which we should all be part.”

Read it here.

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