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Parent activism for inclusive Northampton schools

It’s been a challenging roll-out of the new co-teaching inclusion WINS model in the first grade at Bridge Street School in Northampton Public Schools. (WINS = Welcoming Inclusion in Northampton Schools).  The Daily Hampshire Gazette covered our parent activism: Brody said that beginning this school year, she and other first-grade parents and guardians started “swapping… Continue reading Parent activism for inclusive Northampton schools

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School Discipline for Students with Disabilities in Northampton, MA

I’ve been involved with a group of first grade parent whose children attend Bridge Street School in Northampton, MA. We are advocating for greater resources for the school to ameliorate the “chaotic” implementation of its new inclusion/co-teaching model, Welcoming Inclusion in Northampton Schools (WINS).   Parents of children who receive special education services have discussed their… Continue reading School Discipline for Students with Disabilities in Northampton, MA


Gender, the left, and the future of progressive governance

I spent the morning going through presidential data from 1976-2012 available at Cornell’s Roper Center for Public Opinion Research.  We’ve had 10 elections, inclusive of Carter beating Ford in 1976 and Obama besting Romney in 2012.  I created an excel summary of which voter categories show majority support for which Party. With all the post-election alarmism about… Continue reading Gender, the left, and the future of progressive governance

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Week 2: Election Bibliography

In the interest of faster cataloging, here is a new list, as we enter the first full week of our new Trump-End-Times-Abnormal. Whites/Race Wilkinson, 2016, “…the online radicalisation of young, white men,” The Guardian. “Prior to the election, members of the alt-right online community often warned each other to keep their Trump support secret to… Continue reading Week 2: Election Bibliography


Whose story matters?

I am grieving over the 2016 Presidential election outcome.  I’ve spent the past two days processing my feelings mostly online among a supportive Facebook community, occasionally fighting with random strangers over this line of explanation or that, or their defensiveness about what a vote for Trump really means.  I’ve exhausted myself essentially shouting That’s Racist!… Continue reading Whose story matters?


In 2008, I was as angry as you are now

Originally published on Medium, July 2016, during the Democratic National Convention: “In our two-party system, I see my vote for the Democratic nominee as the best next step now — in this election — for continuing to move forward for racial and economic progress. Politics is not just about voting — it is about movements like #blacklivesmatter, it is about policy… Continue reading In 2008, I was as angry as you are now